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MAJOR NEWS: INTRODUCING "CLAUD" --the social network done Andrew's way

Andrew unveils his rapidly evolving social network software, hand-coded in the php language and running a MySQL database to store the information. You can go there to log in or register, at claud.wordsfree.org and also is on the menu bar at the left.

So far it has minimum functionality so he is taking new registrations and we can post on it. I just set up my account a few minutes ago. Since Andrew wrote the software and is upgrading it every day, expect it to keep getting better!

Come register with us and join the fun!


History of WordsFree.org

I registered the domain name wordsfree.org, with many possible interpretations for what that may imply. I didn't do anything with the domain for a couple years except made a "Personalized Beatitude Generator" which btw went bad so I'll have to look into it. In 2005 we added our forums, for people to talk about their faith, their personal trials, or any subject of fancy and bask in a loving, supportive environment. This has been our only activity on the site since then. In almost eight years, we've made some great friendships, and found much benefit. We will soon have a page to request membership to the forums, but for now if you can email me alansiegman@gmail.com Be sure to include the email address you want to register under, and the login name you want. You may give me a password, or I can make one up.

Now it's June 2013. We have a new template to give WordsFree.org (outside the forums) its look and feel, and it's time to start adding content to the site to complement and extend the work we're doing in the forums.